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Precision Garage Door Overhaul Services

For many homeowners our garage doors are often times our front doors! Considering this, what happens when we simply want to give our garage door a complete makeover, without the hassle or expense of purchasing and installing a new garage door? You call the professionals at Precision Garage Door Service for a premier garage door overhaul!

Open Garage DoorAt the click of a button, a number of parts including springs, pulleys, cables and rollers are set into motion—allowing your garage door to efficiently open and close on specific wall-mounted tracks. With the daily grind of operating your garage door’s weight, it shouldn’t come at any surprise, when even the smallest of parts needs its beauty rest.

So that our highly-trained and professionally trained technicians can appropriately address all of your specific garage door needs, they will begin all custom designed garage door overhauls, by first considering the age and condition of your garage door and garage door opener.

At Precision Garage Door, we want to provide you with exceptional service & warranties. That is why all of our replacement parts not only offer quality; they are made from commercial-grade, which means long-lasting dependability. This service comes with our full guarantee on all parts and labor. You won’t believe the transformation that our premier garage door overhaul service can have on your garage!